Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Close your eyes and reflect on what is truly important in your life. Tell the people you actually love that you love them and just smile at everyone else.

And after you do that, go to Google and type in, “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” and watch what happens.


…and don’t forget to smile. …I told you to smile didn’t I? [long pause]…I remember saying that.

With love,




Going to the chapel and they’re going to get married…

Congratulations to Lana Wickliffe, Dir. of Development, and Doug Watts (UC Davis alumnus) on their marriage over the weekend.



Cheers to the happy couple who are off on their honeymoon in Hawaii for two weeks! Aloha!

It’s Tough Walking Away…

I thought the reason why it was so tough to leave the GSM for several weeks was because I’m a workaholic egomaniac.

Although there is THAT aspect of it , I just realized that what’s really tough is not being around my friends and colleagues…all of whom I respect & gain inspiration and energy from with every transaction and interaction.

I’ll miss y’all. And I’ll see you soon. You’re in good great hands with Jerry, Crystal, Amit and Chip. We’d all like to think the building would collapse but for our being there. But, my ego knows for sure that Gallagher Hall will still be standing when I return.

Treat each other with kindness and respect and I’ll catch your act in 3-6 weeks.

Love & smiles,


P.S. Welcome back, Leigh Ann. It’s good to have you back.

The Things You Learn About Co-Workers Will Just Amaze You…



OK…I just spent my Saturday morning with my mouth gaping wide open at our new IT colleague (Crystal’s) website on her real-life “passion” for Passiflora.

She and Eric have done some damn amazing work that I have no doubt has furthered the knowledge of this particular plant species.

I invite you to read and see some of the amazing things Crystal and Eric have accomplished in this field. Be prepared to see some amazing things!




Lunch With ‘Sweet Judy Brown Eyes’

A busy Friday…but a few of us weren’t going to let the opportunity pass us by to have ‘one last lunch’ with Judy Nagai. As most of you know, she’s going to be moving on to Sac State soon. :-(

Here’s a few pics with/without captions:


I may have liked the proximity just a smidge too much.


She takes a picture but looks like she’s about to sing an aria!


OK…this is the world we live in: As the lunch wound-down, the cell phone cameras came flying OUT! lol


The wild-side of the table!


I think Judy’s smile is amazing. She should have ER&D figure out how to sell shares of it for donations to the school, hmmmm?


This is the pic that Judy took…”We love you, Judy!” should be the caption, ya think?



So…that’s what happens when you move while someone takes a ‘panoramic’ picture. You become the three-headed Hydra!


Margot Everly Williams Enters The Stage

From Charla’s email:

New Arrival

Leigh Ann, Nate and Emerson welcomed Margot Everly Williams this morning at 3:53 a.m.

8lbs, 13 oz. According to LAH, “Already eating us out of house and home. As you can see, Emerson is already exhausted from being a big sister.”

For those of you who offered to bring her meals I will be communicate individually to you all once she provides an idea of when she is ready.


Love you, Nicole


When I walked-in as a temp at AOB4, I thought you were supposed to be some kind of big, scary boss-woman that ruled on high. I had never worked in higher ed. How was I to know that you – more than any other person at the GSM – would make me feel welcome and part of this family and community.

On first glance, one would size you up as just being one of the many clever, intelligent and charming women at the GSM. You’re so much more than that to me.

The most wonderful thing about working with you is your approachability. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing your mind with me. I’m looking forward to being continually inspired by you and your new accomplishments in the many years that come.


Their Adventure Begins…

I was talking with some lovely young ladies at the coffee bar yesterday and they asked me to post some of the pics from my daughter’s wedding in Las Vegas. I was SHOCKED, STUNNED & AMAZED that not everyone is on Facebook! <grin>

The ceremony was at the Mandalay Bay and the reception in a penthouse at the MGM Grand.

Well…here they are, with captions but no more comments. You’ve heard me yak about this for the last few weeks…I’ll give it a rest. B$

Me and 'Ra

Me and my lovely bride


Laura & Mike (Mr & Mrs Marsh)

Laura Elizabeth and a very proud daddoo

Minutes before the ‘Moment of Truth’. Ever have one of those moments that you’ll never forget?

'The FAM'

L-R Ann (Matriarch), Harold (Patriarch), our son Greg, ‘Ra, MEEE!!, Laura at the family reception.